A great exterior painting project starts with the proper prep work and is finished with quality exterior paint, stain, and caulk.

Our Professional Painters and Quality Managers are committed to providing an exceptional experience through the painting process.

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We used Guy Painting to paint our house, replace wood rot, and replace our gutters and downspouts.  They did a fantastic job and are so thrilled with the way our house looks.

Sue, The Admirals

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Choosing the perfect color for your home can be overwhelming to some. With thousands of paint colors to choose from, many homeowners are challenged to find the right color for their home.

Let Guy Painting help you find the perfect color that will complement your personal taste and style. In addition, we can help ensure your choice of color works with your architectural style and, in some cases, conforms to your local HOA’s guidelines.

“You can trust Guy Painting’s expertise to perform the professional prep-work and use the best products to protect and beautify your home.”

— Ron Jones, Owner

The Process: Exterior Painting

Guy Painting has a detailed process for our home painters to go through on every project we perform.  Our goal is to ensure your exterior painting job looks great and lasts!

Prep Work you can Trust!

Our painters do a complete inspection of your home – before any painting begins.  This sets us apart from other painters in the Indianapolis area and is the foundation for a great-looking and long-lasting paint home on your home’s exterior.  It is just one of the reasons we are the best exterior painters in Central Indiana.

Example of Window Rot
Example of Window Rot

Step 1: Wood Rot Repair/Replacement

At Guy Painting, we repair or replace wood that has been damaged over time. This sets us apart from other Indianapolis home painters and is the foundation for a great-looking paint job for the outside of your house. It’s just one of the reasons we are the best exterior painters in Indianapolis!

– Repair damaged and rotten wood:

  • Repair Wood Windows – by replacing only the rotten part – saving thousands over replacement. Our carpenters can rebuild wood windows that are even better than new!

– Replace damaged and rotten wood:

  • Exterior Wood Trim Replacement
  • Exterior Wood Siding Replacement
  • Exterior Wood Boards – including gutter board Replacement
  • Wood Soffit and Fascia Replacement

Step 2: Scrape/Sanding

Before we start painting the outside of a house, we remove loose and failing paint. We also light sand areas as needed to lessen exterior paint failure and cratering.

We pay special attention to scraping on surfaces like your windows and door frames!

Example of scraping old paint
Photo of primer being applied to home

Step 3: Prime

Guy Painting will prime all bare, rough, peeling areas, and new wood – with a high-grade exterior primer. We also use a masonry primer on concrete, new brick, block, and other masonry surfaces that have never been painted or where the paint is failing.

Priming is an essential part of proper painting prep work!

Step 4: High-Grade Caulk

There are lots of options in caulk. As professional and experienced exterior painters, we know the best caulk to use for your home painting job to last. We use our years of painting in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas to ensure your home is caulked correctly with the best caulk for the surfaces it joins.

Caulking not only helps make the outside of your home look beautiful, finished, and seamless when our home painters leave, but it is also essential to protect the home and save money on utilities!

Example of high-grade caulk

Additional areas we check and repair

Rotten Gutterboard Replacement

Gutterboards are exposed to a lot of moisture and can rot before other wood on your home. Even if it’s just a few boards, our exterior carpenters can replace the rotten wood behind your gutters – typically without the need to remove the gutters in the process!

Oh, and if you’re thinking about getting new gutters on your house when you paint, we can help with new gutter replacement, too!


Rotten Siding Repair & Replacement

Image of a home before siding repair.
Image of a home during siding repair.
Image of a home after siding repair.

As siding starts to look bad, the problem may be more than cosmetic. If you need any wood siding boards replaced, we can change individual boards with the same material. When there’s a larger area that needs replaced, we can help you look at updated siding options and replace the entire area.

Whether you just need a few boards replaced or an entire side of your home, we have you covered with just one phone call!

Window Repair

Wood window in need of repair
Image of window after wood repair and painting.

Is it better to repair a window or replace it? With the right team of exterior carpenters and painters, window repair can be a much better solution! Instead of replacing the entire window, we will repair just the rotten wood.

Our carpenters are experienced and have special equipment to rebuild windows customized for your home. They will look as good as (if not better than!) new windows, and you could possibly save thousands.

Decks, Fences and Pergolas

Along with your home’s outdoor painting project, our painters can also paint or stain your wood deck, fence, or pergola.

Our painters and carpenters can repair or replace wood on your decks, fences, and pergolas when needed, as well!

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vGuy Painting’s professional and experienced exterior home painters have worked on over 11,000 homes in the Indianapolis area for over 18 years! With all that experience, you know you are in good hands with Guy Painting. When it comes to exterior painter reviews, there’s a reason Guy Painting comes out on top.

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