Painting over stained wood trim

Looking to brighten up your home?  Painting over that stained wood trim is a great option to help create a modern clean look.

Going from stained wood trim to painted wood trim is part science and part art – and the right tools and experience make all the difference! Our professional painters know the right products to use and the application techniques needed to give you a smooth and long-lasting finish.

You’ll be surprised to see the difference this change makes in your home! Those previously dark corners suddenly feel bright and cheerful, and you will enjoy your home in a new light.

Painting Banisters and Stair Railings

Often a focal point of an entryway, stairs can make a stunning entrance to your home…or they can make even a freshly painted room look dated. Painting stair rails and banisters is a popular way to update these features – and it’s often much more affordable than installing new! Some homeowners choose to paint everything, sometimes just the handrails or just the spindles.

Painting Shiplap

Painting over wood paneling and shiplap takes some additional prep and work, and is a more specialized type of painting than just painting a wall.

Our team of professional painters has the experience to do this and get the results that you are looking for. Our quality team will fully manage the process so all you have to do is enjoy your freshly painted home!

Recent Stained-to-Painted Projects