Guy Painting – our slogan is Now you know a Guy!

We are your one stop full service residential painting company.

Most of the time we can give you a computer printed, full comprehensive quote on the spot.

Professional Estimators

We can do a full comprehensive quote because we have professional estimators with years of experience working on homes just like yours.

Professional Carpenters

We have carpenters that have 15+ years of experience and have worked with us for an average of 5 years.

We can reside a home when needed

We can rebuild rotten windows (by replacing the bad rotten wood)

There is not much we cannot do to repair your home and prepare it for painting.

In the winter, we can install Boxed and Chair Wainscoting and Board and Batten Wainscoting and Walls


Professional Management Team

Every step of the way we communicate the steps, any issues, and up your schedule


Professional Painters

We have a team that is perfect for the work at your home.

-Professional Sprayed Cabinets and Banisters

-Professional interior wall prep and painting

-Professional exterior power wash, scrape, prime, caulk, and paint with 2 coats.

All with the top of the line materials chosen for you home!