Great color change right?   More importantly, can you see the vertical lines between the hardy plank siding in the before picture?  Now look at the after photo.

Say it with me “Prep-work!”

Caulking improves the look of your home by making it look seamless.  More importantly, we use caulk to protect.  Caulking composite siding ties it all together and it helps keep the rain out.  It makes it more secure and reduces the chances of siding becoming loose and making slapping sounds in the wind, or worse, blowing off the side of your home.  Of course caulking also helps keep the cold winter wind out can also lower the heating bills.

There are lots of options in caulk and you must use the correct caulk where it is intended for a job to last. We use our years of painting in Indianapolis and surrounding area’s to insure your home is caulked correctly with the best caulk for the surfaces it joins.

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