When it came time to repaint the exterior of this Geist home, the homeowners knew they had a big project on their hands. In addition to painting, the home had rotten wood that was going to need to be replaced. A project like this may seem overwhelming, but they knew who to call for wood rot replacement and painting in Geist: Guy Painting!

When it’s time to paint the exterior of a home, it’s important to take a careful look at everything that will be painted. Over time, materials will start to wear down and need to be repaired or replaced. The quality of a paint project can only be as good as the quality of the materials being painted. That’s why Guy Painting has skilled carpenters who replace rotten wood before we paint your home. The result is a finished home that looks as good as (if not better than!) new and a paint job that will last for years.


Inspection and Quote for Wood Replacement

The homeowners sent a message through our website to setup a free quote for painting and wood replacement. We came to the home to learn more about the family’s goals with the home painting as well as to measure and inspect everything.

Geist Wood Rot Replacement Photo
Geist Wood Rot Replacement

Some of the things we look for include:

  • Rotten Wood Siding – including lap siding, sheet siding, board and batten, shake, and more
  • Rotten Wood Trim
  • Rotten Wood Soffits
  • Rotten Wood Fascias
  • Rotten Wood Gutter Boards – we can replace most gutter boards without even having to remove the gutters!
  • Rotten Wood Band Boards
  • Rotten Wood Door Frames
  • Rotten Wood Windows and Sashes – we can completely rebuild most wood windows to match your existing home without having to replace the window!

We will then prepare a detailed quote showing the location of all boards that need to be replaced.

Example of a Quote Sheet

Once they had a chance to review the quote, we made it easy to get on our painting schedule. They just signed the quote and sent it back to us! Guy Painting does not require a deposit. You will never have to feel at risk with us – we want to earn your trust!

The Process:

Wood Replacement

Our carpenters were the first team to come out and start replacing rotten wood on this Geist home.

Experience makes all the difference in carpentry!

We match new materials to old materials for a seamless transition. We don’t swap out small sections of boards, leaving you with extra joints. Instead of filling a crack with Bondo and hoping it lasts, we replace the entire board for peace of mind.


Prep for Painting

It’s the secret of professional painters: The prep works makes all the difference! We prepared the home for painting by power washing, lightly sanding and scraping where needed for adhesion, and masking off areas that we were not painting. We made sure to protect landscaping, brick, cars… anything that we didn’t want to get paint on!


With everything protected, our experienced painters came through to change the look of the home. Their Geist home was originally painted in a one-tone color scheme, but they decided to change to a two-tone color scheme. In this case, the trim went a bright white and the body and siding went deep navy blue. They chose PPG (Porter Paints) colors:

Color Options

The contrasting colors accent the architectural features of the home. The bay windows and screened-in porch stand out, and the home has an entirely different feel to it!

Throughout the process, our lead painters and Quality Managers always watch for imperfections in the paint finish. We walk the project daily to make sure everything looks great!

The Results

It’s a great feeling when a home painting project is finished, and we walk around the home with our customers. We love to see the transformation and the look on our customer’s faces when they fall in love with their home all over again!

If you’re thinking about your next painting project, give us a call or schedule your free quote online! For wood rot replacement and painting in Geist and beyond, let us help you create an incredible home that you’re sure to love.

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