We fix drywall issues before painting.

Settling? Drywall work?




Let ups update your home.

After drywall repairs and painted!







Got Settling? Need drywall work and interior painting?  

Now you know a Guy!  And he can take are of that for you!

All homes settle causing nail pops, threshold and stress cracks in the drywall. Guy Painting repairs all these things at no extra charge as part of its standard prep.  We also fix nail holes, tape lines, nicks and dings.  We know as you live in your home the colors ware, the kids, pets, and every day like create other wall issues.  We will fix them and make the home fresh and new with your new color!

“The entire experience was exceptional.  Guy Painting was great to work with and went the extra mile for us!.” Ryan’s.

GRADES: Overall Experience A, Quality A, Professionalism A

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