Exterior Home Painting in Indianapolis - House painted in Sherwin Willians Escape Gray

Karen, one of our latest Indianapolis home painting customers, is thrilled with the new look of her freshly painted house!

It all started last year when Karen saw our professional Indianapolis painting crew out doing work and wood repair work in her neighborhood in Castleton.  She was so impressed with the job; she said she had to give Guy Painting a call to set up her free estimate.  She needed an estimate for exterior painting and wood siding replacement.  Guy Painting is great at both!

Prior to professional house painting in IndianapolisThe day of her quote came and Alltus met with her and provided all the information on our professional painting process and the quality we put into the work we do.  We start with the wood repair (by carpenters with years of experience) using boards that are pre-primed on all sides and the cut edge before they are installed; then power wash the areas we’re painting for a clean fresh surface; scrape, prime, and paint 2 coats of a top-of-the-line paint!  She was impressed and reserved her spot for this summer.

Karen wanted some help choosing exterior paint colors. She knew she wanted to transition to a two-tone color scheme and wanted to change the look of her home to match her personality. So she found it really helpful that Guy Painting can offer Free Color Consultations for our customers.  She and the Professional Color Consultant chose Sherwin Williams SW 6185 Escape Gray for the Siding and for the trim we matched the Pella color Poplar White to match her Pella new windows and doors.  Don’t you just love the new exterior colors!

Indianapolis House Painting and Carpentry work in process

We always start a project with the carpentry that we found during the quote. We found that Karen’s house had some wood siding rot and wood trim, wood soffits and fascia, and door trim that needed replaced, along with some wood windows that we could repair.  We did find a few more boards during the work and got those taken care of as well.  This is a great home but like most homes it needed some wood repair and replacement work prior to painting. We find that over 80% of homes we paint do need some wood replacement done prior to painting.

Through the process, our professional carpenters and painters took care of her home.  And to ensure great flow and communication, a Quality Control Supervisor stopped out frequently.  Of course, they also like to check on the process and make sure everything was held to our high Guy Painting standards.

I have to tell you as a painter we are always thrilled with the see the transformation that a color change can do to a home.  We get excited to present a customer with a fresh new home!

Karen gave us all A’s on the grade card and said, “I had estimate done in the fall of 2020 and engaged the team to complete the work in 2021.  Other than the delay due to rain, all went Great!”

Contact us today and we can talk about how to give your home the refresh you’ve been dreaming of.

Exterior Home Painting in Indianapolis