This Carmel family moved in to a home with many beautiful features… and a few rooms with questionable paint choices! These specialty painting styles that were so popular a couple decades ago are hard to fix without a professional interior painter, and this family knew they needed help repainting these bedrooms and bathrooms.

They started researching and found Guy Painting rated as one of the best Carmel painters on Next Door, and they reached out to us to schedule their free painting estimate. We had Alltus stop by to talk with the family and learn what they wanted from these rooms. Luckily, we knew just how to handle these types of complicated painting projects!

The family knew they wanted to update the colors, but did not know exactly what colors to use. Luckily, we can help with that with a free color consultation! One of our color experts, Dave, met with this family to select new colors for their home.

Each bedroom and bathroom had a unique painting technique, color, or challenge for us!

One of the bedrooms had clouds painted on the walls and ceiling. Cute, but it was time for an update! Our team of painters sanded the walls, primed, and painted the walls and ceiling. We think the new blue, PPG 1241-2 Blue Booties, still gives it a fun and airy feel!

Indianapolis and Carmel Interior Painting Bedroom

Another bedroom had an interesting painting technique that was also difficult to cover. Again our painters sanded these walls, skim coated, primed, and painted in a wonderful neutral color, PPG 1000-1 Dust Bunny.

Indianapolis and Carmel Interior Painting Bedroom

The next bedroom just didn’t have the right color for the new occupant, and the green made way for a delicate pink, PPG 1182-1 Pink Booties.

Repainting an Indianapolis Carmel home in PPG Porter Pink Booties

A bathroom connected to the bedrooms had fun stripes, but the new owners wanted them to go. This took some work from our painters to sand sown the heavy lines, skim in the the seams, and prime and paint to cover these dark colors.  They chose a color from PPG – PPG 1006-1 Gypsum.  This natural white color gave the room a larger feel and less like a cave at night.

Repainting a bathroom in PPG 1006-1 Gypsum

The basement bathroom had a deep red color that the homeowners were ready to see go, and anyone who has tried knows that it’s not easy to paint over a red wall! Again, this bathroom went to the neutral PPG 1006-1 Gypsum.

Repainting a bathroom in PPG 1006-1 Gypsum

The homeowners loved the process and the results, and gave us a grade card full of straight A’s! We make the painting process easy so you can live in a home you love!


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